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Tonebars and Bracing - Englemann Spruce

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Tonebars made from the same AAA grade Engleman Spruce (also known as Engelmann) used for our soundboards.Traditionally a very popular tonewood for stringed instruments from guitars to pianos.'Ukuleles built with Spruce soundboards and tonebars have a bright clarity, anddynamic range with excellent sustain.

We mill these from air-dried, straight grain, quartersawn Engleman Spruce.Each set includes enough material to brace one Tenor 'Ukulele or smaller.
  • Tonebars measure: 7"Long x 3/16"Wide x 5/16"Height
  • Enharmonic Bars measure: 7" to 11"Long x 1/4"Wide x 5/16"Height
  • For Uke Sizes: All Sizes