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Patch Set - Engleman Spruce

$ 2.50

Soundboard patches made from the same AAA grade Engleman Spruce (also known as Engelmann) used for our soundboards and tonebars. It is always a good practice to match the grain-density of the tonebars and patches with the soundboard.

We mill these patches from air-dried, straight grain, quartersawn Engleman Spruce. Each set includes a Bridge patch, Sound hole patch, and 2 Center joint grafts.

*Center Joint Grafts are cross-grain pieces used to reinforce the joint between a bookmatched soundboard.
  • Sound hole patch measures: 4" Long x 2 3/4" Wide x 1/16" Thick
  • Bridge patch measures: 4" Long x 1" Wide x 1/16" Thick
  • Joint graft measures: 5" Long x 3/8" Wide x 1/16" Thick
  • For Uke Sizes: All Sizes