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About Us

Hana Lima 'Ia is owned and operated by a father and son team: Michael and Asa Chock. Both local born Islanders, Michael has been making Ukulele's and guitars since 1992. He was joined by his son Asa in 2002. Hana Lima 'Ia was informally created by interested friends who also wanted to learn the art of ukulele building.

By 94' Hana Lima 'Ia began accepting students from the public. Today we offer courses on basic and advanced ukulele building as well as a growing line of ukulele parts and supplies for all types of luthier.

While Michael is mostly self taught as a maker of Ukulele's he has been influenced by a number of generous people who aided in his knowledge and support. He would like to acknowledge the following people for their friendship and experiences.

Uncle Abe Mahelona of the Kamehameha schools ukulele course.
Nathan Ching of Guitar Smith
Peter Hurley of Pohaku Ukuleles
Jay Hargreaves
Leland Onekea
Mackie Avecilla
Uncle George Majkowski

Bossman Richard Schneider, my mentor and instructor who introduced me to Lutherie as a way of life and openned up to me the "Kasha/Schneider" philosophy of soundboard construction.

Mahalos to the DeJonge Family; sensei Sergei DeJonge ; co-builder Joshia DeJonge and the whole DeJonge Family for openning up their home and workshop and sharing their thoughts on both life and guitar construction...Life's A Fountain!

Asa's love and familiarity with wood came from visits to his father's cabinet shop while growing up. He formally studied furniture design and fine wood working at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island.

Asa focused on product and furniture design while working part-time as the department's woodshop monitor. After graduating in 1997 with a degree in Industrial Design Asa was briefly swept into the dot-com craze.

After a few years in the dot-com world, Asa decided to get back into his Industrial Design and woodworking background by joining his father to grow Hana Lima 'Ia.

Michael & Asa would like to express their mahalos to former students, current aficionados, and all wood workers who continue to create and love fine handmade Ukuleles.