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Hana Lima 'Ia 'Ukulele Construction Manual

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Full-Scale Tenor 'Ukulele Plans included!

The Hana Lima 'Ia 'ukulele building class in a book. Hana Lima 'Ia (made by hand) has been teaching the art of 'ukulele making for over 10 years. The method described in this book is the same one taught by our 'ukulele making school located in Honolulu, Hawaii. The experience of teaching hundreds of students how to build 'ukuleles has refined our process to be one of the most informative courses available on the subject.

Each session is broken into detailed steps. Lengthy descriptions of each step are followed by summaries for quick reference in the shop. 120 pages, 10 sessions, 57 steps.

The process focuses on using power tools such as the table saw and drill press. Hand tool alternatives are explained.

  • Features:
    10 Session Hana Lima 'Ia Process
    Step-by-Step Review for Quick Reference
    Over 170 Detailed Photos
    All Dimensions and Measurements Included
    Spanish Style Neck Construction
    Full-Scale Tenor 'Ukulele Plans